Jeanne Freng

Jeanne Freng, Principal

Hello, and welcome! I am very happy you are here and hope you will enjoy learning more about our school.

Our school is unique in many ways. We recognize that children are all different and that given a stable environment with caring educators and a challenging curriculum, they will thrive. We strive to give your child the best educational experience at our school.

We are not interested in instructing a student so he can pass a test. Our aim is to ensure that the student attains the ability to understand and apply the information learned. Students move at their own pace and are not passed to new skills until they can demonstrate full understanding of their current assignment.

We do not label or believe that medication is a solution to poor academic performance. We monitor progress by administering academic assessments and issuing report cards throughout the year.

We teach effective skills on how to be a team player, a leader, making the correct choices, using positive personal values and social skills helps our students have a great foundation for school and life. Our students are thriving individuals who are not afraid to be themselves.

With a 10:1 student to teacher ratio, our students get a lot of individual attention.

A combination of a beautiful newly renovated 10,000 sq ft school building, our educational philosophy, challenging academics, helpful study methods and experienced caring staff all culminate in a greateducational experience.

Come visit and see for yourself. Give me a call at (206) 522-5992 to set up your tour.


Jeanne Freng

Laurel Academy