Having taught for over 30 years, and holding her Masters in Education, Jeanne is passionate about giving children a strong foundation upon which to grow. She also spearheads our musical department and teaches piano lessons in her spare time. 

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Admissions and Admin

Born and raised in Seattle, Savana has been around since Laurel Academy was just the brainchild of a few founding families. As part of the renovations team when we moved into our "forever home", she considers the school community her second family.

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Reading & Language Teacher

After discovering that working in education law wasn't really her thing, Hayley is pursuing her Masters in Education. She comes to us with over 5 years of teaching experience and we are excited to welcome her and her dynamic energy to the Laurel Academy teaching staff. 



Kindergarten & STEM Teacher

Dao's many years of experience teaching language has given her tremendous respect for the creativity and resilience of children. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree and is excited to engage her students' development while exploring educational subjects. 

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Math & Arts Teacher

Nicole has been teaching Math since 2013 and has loved every minute of it. She is constantly seeking ways to make math more hands-on and concrete for real-world use. Ask her about her division "family" tool she uses! Nicole also used to teach dance at the Century Ballroom and has a lifetime love of tango, ballet and jazz. In addition to math, Nicole teaches arts and dance to our students.