True comprehension means true understanding, not guesswork. 

We believe a child's foundational years are the most important. This is the time they build habits and routines which serve them their whole lives. We strive to create an unshakeable bedrock from which they can launch and blossom into their future.

Our Approach

We believe all children have vast potential and start life with great interest in learning, and that difficulties in school are primarily a result of a poor or flawed educational approach. If children have a purpose for the subjects being learned, along with the proper tools for recognizing barriers to learning and how to remedy them, they can be in the driver's seat of their own education. 

IndividuaL Programs

In our school, children are treated as individuals, not as a herd. Each child is tested on his/her basics with a one-on-one assessment to work out their strengths and weaknesses. We then regularly reassess throughout the year to make tweaks and adjustments to their program.

In the 2nd grade and above, one of the tools used to enable a child to progress individually so he/she is not held back (or forced ahead before being ready) by the rest of the class is a “checklist.” A checklist consists of a set of assignments, both theory and practical, that a student carries out in order to learn and apply information on a specific topic. Use of a checklist ensures the child progresses well, and that no crucial elements of a subject can be omitted due to “lack of time” when in a lecture-style classroom.

Effective Education

Class size matters. Our classrooms are capped at a 1:10 ratio because we believe small class sizes are at the core of an excellent education. We want to empower students by giving them tools to resolve their own barriers or limitations because lasting success is not measured by how much you know but by how well you can learn to adapt and overcome.

Our students graduate with the skills they need to research and discover information for their use, not just parrot back facts for an exam. We're cultivating a love of learning to build the next generation of curious, thoughtful leaders.

Synergetic Teamwork

Our teachers do not operate in a solitary environment. They constantly collaborate and inspire each other. As a result, our students benefit from continual partnership of their teaching team. 

In fact, this team extends to your family. In our close-knit, family-oriented community, we develop strong bonds with our students and their families. In a sense, you have invited our school into your family, and we are aware of the trust and partnership that implies. Your active participation with the school in your child’s education is more than important—we view it as essential. 

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.
— William S. Burroughs

Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., is a world-renowned leader in the fields of education, creativity and innovation. As an international speaker on the subject, we find his views refreshing and completely in alignment with the goals and approach of our school. We invite you to take a peek: