Erica, Parent

In September in we enrolled our daughter in a school that she immediately had a hard time taking to. Over the next few months, rather than adapting, she actually built increased anxiety toward going to school. After a parent teacher conference, the red flags continued and we made the difficult choice to look into a different school for her.

In late November we enrolled her at Laurel Academy.  After just five days, there was noticeable improvement.  For the first time ever, she voiced that she was excited to go to school.  She is showing more confidence and the love for learning that she had only previously shown in lessons at home has now started to blossom at school.  All of the staff have been very gracious, welcoming, warm and pleasant with our daughter and with us.  We are very happy with our daughter attending Laurel Academy and feel lucky that our close friends (who also have a daughter enrolled in the school) referred us.

Marci, Parent

We have been so thrilled to with our experience at Laurel Academy.  My husband and I knew we wanted to invest in our daughter’s education and set her up for as much success as we could.  It was important to us that our school mirrored our values, our thoughts on education, and would support our parenting styles.  Laurel Academy has given us a truly customized experience for our daughter.  What really drew us to enroll her here was their Applied Scholastics format, Study Technology, and inclusion of Life skills in their curriculum.  It is important to us that our daughter is able to be successful at every stage in her life and is able to contribute to her own success and her own community when she is older.  While math, reading, and sciences are all important, so are the life skills.  It is exciting that her education will be so well rounded.  The small class sizes combined with the dedication of the teachers have allowed our daughter to blossom in her strengths and have personal attention where she still needs to grow.  We have been impressed with the facility and that it was thoughtfully created to foster every age group and all learning styles, while promoting creativity.  Every person at Laurel Academy is so genuinely invested in the children.  They have put in a lot much time and effort in creating an individual environment and we are so thankful that we have found it!

Janie, Parent

I am passionate about education and I currently have three children attending Laurel Academy. This school has given my children (each one individually) a solid academic base, but equally important, rich life skills practicals, extra curricular adventures, and a comprehensive moral compass. They are truly thriving since attending this wonderful school. I have found my time with them to be more enjoyable since they bring their sense of responsibility home with them in a way that has enabled them to have pride in their contributions at home. They are very responsible (and even eager!) to do their homework (which is quite light). All three show a sense of community with their classmate friendships and each other which has grown considerably since attending. I know they are safe and happy and that they get special attention when they need advanced work, or if they are having any trouble with anything at all. The staff at Laurel Academy goes the extra mile in every way to customize your childs’ education to fit his particular interests as well as the parents’ desire to focus on a particular area (e.g. penmanship, math facts, typing, or geography). My children have attended three other private schools in Seattle and I can confidently say Laurel Academy is the best by far in so many ways. I believe it is my responsibility to place my children in an environment that gently guides and enriches them to come to the fullness of a highly contributing member of society. I deeply believe this school has all of the parts to put us well on this path.

Mischelle, Parent

I chose Laurel Academy because they are willing to work with our individual family needs and circumstances.  I also like that students are able to move through their studies according to their own pace, and not a pace dictated by the rest of the classroom’s abilities.  I love the multi-age rooms, and that my children are not isolated to a group that is only their age.  I think it makes them more well-rounded, enhances their development, and encourages leadership and balance.  I never have attention on whether my children are being bullied or whether they are safe and well cared for.  The building is also beautiful, with a classy and creative design to all the facilities and rooms, and with some of the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.

My two children are thriving at Laurel Academy. 

Because they can move at their own pace, they are happy and doing what they feel comfortable doing. It also happens to be that they are ahead, which is a great bonus.

The reading program is effortless. I’ve observed that the children just start reading officially without “being taught”. It sort of magically happens. But it is really because it is all done with the exact right gradient there and is a balanced combination of writing, drawing recognizing letters, butting letters in clay, etc. It is brilliant.

I’ve noticed that my children’s competence level is higher at home and in life. They’re taking more responsibility for caring for themselves and their belongings.

They are happy when they get home and are eager to create games based on what they learned that day. It is actually hard to get them to leave school!

The teachers are friendly and at the same time run a tight ship with good boundaries. That is a great, safe environment.

I see that the children at the school look out for each other and are a close group. They’re getting the tools to be competent in life and to learn whatever subject they might be interested in.

They are learning to ask questions and get answers to their own questions. What more could you ask for?

Megan, Parent